Corporate Video Production

My most important priority for any marketing video is to make it credible.

A video is an extremely important part of a business’s marketing strategy. I believe that every business has a unique story to tell and as a video producer it is my responsibility to find the best way to tell it.

My approach to producing marketing videos for a business is to find out as much as I can about the business, understand the exact purpose of the video and identify the target audience. I plan the production in the same detail that I have experienced in the movie industry.

I also draw on my decade of experience in the commercial Insurance industry. There I had the opportunity to meet with many business leaders and get to understand how their businesses worked.

As mentioned above, my most important priority in producing videos is to make them credible. As I direct a client, I do everything I can to make them feel comfortable. I draw on my experience as an actor and understand the pressures of performing in front of a camera. For those not used to it, it can be very unsettling. I prepare my clients for this and where necessary will rehearse in order to get the best “performance” from my client. A more relaxed performance will look more credible on screen.

I am involved in all aspects of the production. I will help with conceptualizing the video, writing the script, shooting the video, directing, editing, mixing the music and providing the voiceover where necessary.

I shoot with a Sony HXR-NX5U Digital HD camera and edit in Final Cut Pro, including Motion and Color, and can add text and graphics as needed. I use a green screen when it is required and have a fully equipped royalty free production music library which I mix in SoundtrackPro. My voiceovers are recorded through an Audio-Technica 4060 Cardioid Condenser Tube microphone with a Joe Meek Studio Channel VC1 mic preamp.

Enjoy these sample videos produced for a variety of businesses and events.
The most recent marketing video I produced was for the technology company Emerald Data Networks, Inc. and can be seen on their website Here’s their video.

This is a video for the defense lawyer Martin Cowen. His directive was to make it appeal for more serious clients.

This is an overview video for the Dentist Dr. Elizabeth Caughey in Sandy Springs. They told me they didn’t want it to look like all the other dentist videos. You will find this video together with other videos I produce for her on her website.

This was a video for the marketing company Solar Velocity. Their CEO Jason Swenk asked me to make sure at one stage that I video him standing on his head!

This is an overview video for the CPA firm “Fulton Kozak” in Atlanta. They also have other videos I produced identifying specific services they offer on their website It was a collaboration with the marketing firm “excelovation”.

This is a video for Microdynamics and their 3DQC microscope.

This is a video for Just Right Auto and was designed to play at a kiosk in a shopping mall.

This is an “about us” video for I also produced a number of product videos that are posted on their website

This is a 30 second spot for Sarah Care, assisted day care for seniors and ran on Comcast TV.

This is a 30 second spot for the Tiger Academy in Alpharetta. It ran for a lengthy period on Comcast TV.

This is a movie “short” of the First Annual Pig Roast at the Bat and Ball Pub in Brookhaven, Atlanta hosted by manager, Steve Trombino. It captures the event from beginning to end.


This was a parody of the Geico commercials. Written by Robin Henry and produced and directed by John Curran for Sketchworks Comedy.

This is a short film with a Christmas theme. Written by Jen Kelley and Produced and Directed by John Curran for Sketchworks Comedy.

This is a parody of the TV reality show “Hoarders”. Written by Robin Henry and produced and directed by John Curran for Sketchworks Comedy.

This is another “Sketchworks” video written by Jen Kelley and featuring Jen Kelley and Jeffrey Umberger. It’s titled “Procrastination”.